Bolder and Better: 7 Creative Website Design Ideas for Small Businesses

November 23, 2022
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November 23, 2022


Bolder and Better: 7 Creative Website Design Ideas for Small Businesses

Millions of people have access to the internet, and surely everyone encountered accessing a website. There are times when people are amazed by the aesthetic and professional design, but there are times when websites look old and outdated, which can be off-putting. For online businesses, a part of their success can depend on web design.

We have some ideas to jumpstart your design process if you plan to do a creative web design. Don't forget to take notes so you can make your business website stand out.

Make an Interactive Design

You don't want a passive customer experience when they visit your website. You have to keep them engaged and interested while they scroll. So adding interactive elements to your website design can give them a positive user experience.

Interactive elements allow your visitor to alter how they navigate through your website. For example, you can add little animations on your buttons and avoid traditional menus and boring designs to keep your customers interested.

Make Use of Animation

Using animation can make website visits more memorable and enjoyable. Adding extra and fun movements in some of your graphics can pique your visitor's attention. It makes them more interested because it is rare to see animations on web pages.

However, be careful when using animations. If you send messages to your customers, ensure the animation does not overpower the text on your web page. Animations can also be distracting, hence nullifying the purpose of your website.

Maximize the Use of Colors

Minimalistic themes are popular these days because it's clean and professional looking, but don't be afraid to use colors in your website. Colors can be a deciding factor in why people buy from your business, so experiment with color combinations that will make them feel excited.

Don't limit yourself to the basic colors. There are so many vibrant colors to choose from. Try combinations first and see if they jive together. Vibrant colors are useless when they do not mix well and can be off-putting to your viewers.

Use Unique Illustrations

There are no limits when it comes to illustration. You can use digital photos, sketches, and drawings. Create illustrations that pop out. Some of the most popular styles of illustrations are 3D art, real-life imagery, and other photorealism technique.

You can use these illustrations in navigation buttons, banners, search bars, and even as your background to really engage your customers. Since aesthetics is the first thing they see, eye-popping elements will surely work to your advantage.

Words Can Be Mighty

A good website design delivers that brand message clearly. One thing you can do to make an impact statement is to maximize the use of text in your web design. Focus on making your text bigger and bolder. Make the text star of the design and use powerful words to convert your message.

You can shift your viewer's attention to the text by making them bigger or using unique font styles. Minimize using other graphic elements to highlight the text part of your design if you want to go on with this style. 

Applying Gamification to Your Website

Gamification may not be suitable for all website types but if you can incorporate it into your business, take advantage of it because it engages customers. Gamification involves giving rewards when your customers complete certain actions on your website. You can use this design to hook your audience to get to know your services and lead to conversion.

For example, if you want people to subscribe to your blog, you can give coupons to subscribers, which they can use when they purchase from your business. A reward system is a fool-proof way to lead traffic and make conversions on your website.

Creative Design With Abstract

When combined well, simple geometric shapes are a great alternative to photographs and graphics in the digital market. It is rare to see a website using an abstract design, which can be why customers choose your business over your competitors with predictable and traditional designs.

Abstract art is subject to many interpretations. Even if there are no human faces in your design, abstract art can still evoke different emotions, which can be a positive nod for your business.

Characteristics of an Effective Website

Now that you are swimming with creative website design ideas, you put your plan into motion. However, creating a website does not stop with design. Website design and development services can ensure all your website is aesthetic and functional. To help you, here are some characteristics to consider to ensure you have an effective business website.

Top-Notch Content

After considering design, like color schemes, fonts, and graphic elements, your next priority is website content. You have to remember people go to your website for relevant content, not for the design elements. 

You have to give your customers the specific content they are looking whether they are looking to purchase, find answers to their questions, or even find something to entertain them.

Website content can vary depending on a business. You can use videos, text posts, images, or all of them to give your target audience what they want. Always remember who your audience is so you can craft relevant and effective content every time.

User-Friendly and Functional

Creative websites will not help your boost your business if the user experience is negative. You have to consider how easy it will be for users to navigate your pages and look for what they need. A negative user experience can lead your users to abandon your website and head on to your competitors.

Furthermore, a good website is a functional website. Make sure that all your website functions are working. This can include shopping carts, payment channels, internal links, web pages, and other website functions.

Secure Connection

Many websites are under constant security threats. Information leaks and hacks are issues that website owners face. If you're an ecommerce business, website security should be your priority. Client list information like credit card numbers, addresses, and other personal information must be secured when they purchase from your website.

Invest in a web hosting service that provides you with an SSL certificate. This certificate ensures that connections to your website are secured. Data leaks can cost your business a lot of money, not to mention the trust of your customers.

Optimized for Multiple Devices

Consider that not all your customers access your website through a computer. Data gathered shows over 70% of users use their smartphones and handheld devices to access websites and even complete purchases. So make sure that your website has a responsive design to provide an experience to all your visitors.

Furthermore, mobile-ready web design is a good way for your search engine optimization. Big search engine names like Google are more likely to show your business on top of their results when it has a responsive design.


Wrap Up

Designing a website in a creative way is an effective way to get your customer's attention, and with so many competitors in the online market, you need to stand out and be known to lead your business to success. We hope these creative website design ideas help you with designing. Don't be afraid to explore more designs that will make your business shine.
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