Custom Web Development or Templates: Which Works Best For Your Shopify Website?

November 9, 2022
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November 9, 2022


Custom Web Development or Templates: Which Works Best For Your Shopify Website?

If you're looking to create a new Shopify site or update an existing one, you have two main options: going for custom website development services or using a ready-made template. Both have their own benefits and flaws, so what you choose comes down to what your business needs. 

We'll look at their pros and cons to help you pick the best solution. Whichever your choice is, you'll reap the benefits we'll enumerate here. This article is for you and other owners beginning their small businesses.

Why Should You Choose Shopify Templates?

Website design and development are unlike other tasks you'll handle as a small business owner. Skilled web developers and designers have mastered programming language, WordPress development, web technologies and tools, progressive web apps, and even a content management system for years, so what more for individuals with no background in it? 

Fortunately, the availability of templates makes the process a little easier. Here are the benefits you'll reap:


You'll have many responsibilities as a small business owner, but have you ever imagined building a website for your Shopify store? Now, it's easy to do it yourself through templates on the platform. 

Templates already have all elements of an excellent web design sorted out—layout, visual hierarchy, navigation, colors, graphics, mobile-friendly design, and accessibility. All you have to do is choose a template to apply to your site. With just a few clicks and tweaks, your Shopify website will be up in no time.

Faster Site Launching

Many of the tasks in running your business are time sensitive, and the same goes for launching your Shopify website. The more you delay its launching, the more sales you miss to get. On the contrary, the faster you launch it, the higher your chance of hitting your sales goals. 

You won't have much issue with time when you choose popular templates because it only takes a few clicks to apply the layout and theme. Be prepared with a plan on what menus and categories to include in your site, so design launch can occur in no time.

Works For Tight Budgets

As a small business, you always check your finances, as most of the money in your company goes on investments and expenses. Building a new website is another expenditure. You can minimize the costs you will incur for this project by using templates instead of a custom site.

Many templates on Shopify come for free. There are paid prototypes, but they do not cost as much as the money you will spend customizing a site. As a result, you can save money and spend the money on other essential areas of your business operations.

Downside: What You See Is What You Get

The biggest benefit you'll get from Shopify template websites is building convenience and time-saving. However, the downside in choosing templates for your online store is that you're limited when it comes to customization. Most of the time, the template available is exactly the one that will be applied on your site, no tweaks.

Why Should You Partner With a Custom Web Development Company?

Is your vision not covered by the Shopify website templates available? Don't worry; you have another option to bring your dream Shopify website to life. 

Partner with a custom web design firm and communicate to them what you want to see. If you are still thinking twice about whether a custom-built site is for you, check out these advantages of a design company partnership to give you assurance and a little push.

Sky Is The Limit For Creativity

You've waited long to have your own small business and thought about how your website will look like. Do not settle for less and pick just any kind of template when you know it is not the one you imagined. Go for a customized site.

A customized site will allow you to feature the layout, theme, color, navigation, graphics, and visual hierarchy you've imagined for your website. Give yourself the joy of beginning to build the exact site you've imagined!

Competitive Edge and Tailor-Fitted

You want a customized website because you have probably browsed through a couple of Shopify sites, competitors, or non-competitors and were compelled by how their web pages looked. You also want to incorporate aesthetics and functionality in your page for competence. 

Your audience is also in your thoughts. You did not fail to put yourself in their shoes to know what they want to see and how they want to browse your site. You can achieve a website specifically tailored for your target audience through business website customization.

Champion For Brand And Product Awareness

Product and brand awareness should be among your business goals. Make each of your products shine so shoppers can see them all. Don't focus on your bestsellers only. Introduce and make your brand memorable—it will set your company apart from the hundreds of sellers selling the same products as you inside and outside of Shopify. 

Customization allows you to present your products and brand as planned without limiting yourself to what the templates allow. 

Downside: Time and Costs

When you choose a customized website, know that you won't be launching your site as quickly as using templates. Web developers and designers will build your site from scratch, so custom web designs will take some time. 

You won't get the free template perks from using what's available on Shopify. Hence, you need to prepare a budget or check out the plans and services offered by custom web development companies to get the best package.

Templates VS. Web Development Services: Make A Wise Choice

As you can see, both Shopify website templates and customized websites have their highlights and lowlights. The decision lies on you as you know your business best. Whichever you choose, you can still reap these benefits: 

Be On Time With The Timeline

Whichever you choose, you'll be compelled to make a timeline to hit your website's launching date. If you choose a template type of website, be prepared to make a shorter timeline. Allot time for theme picking and if you need to do any tweaks.

Meanwhile, if you choose a customized website, make a more elaborate timeline. Your schedule should include brainstorming sessions, the website development and designing stage, the trial stage and feedback acquisition, and the actual launch.

Be Ready for Shoppers

You'll be ready for shoppers after successfully choosing and building your website. You will welcome site visitors with a visually-pleasing design and seamless navigation. Most of all, they can see what you are selling and the reasons why they should buy. 

Your goal is customer satisfaction. You want to make them official clients who will purchase your goods. You aim to turn impressions, clicks, and visits into online sales. 

Build Loyalty

Once you have successfully turned visitors into potential customers, you must keep them coming and build loyalty. Let your brand do the work, and let them get to know your brand.

Even the templates on Shopify can help you with brand awareness if you are patient enough to find which template matches your brand best. It is more achievable with customization. Either way, make sure to communicate the vision and mission of your brand. Touch the hearts of your clients, so they'll keep coming back. 

Increase Conversion Rate

Of course, your main goal is to sell, so your website should help you achieve that. So think carefully about whether to have a template or a customized website. Consider if you'll go for free or if you are willing to invest more. 

Your website is your company's face. It is the site where visitors and potential clients get a first impression of your business. Making a wise choice on what website type to have can make or break your sales and business growth. 

Mesmeric Custom Web Development Solutions

Deciding whether to go for a custom web development company or Shopify template depends on your business needs. If you're looking for an all-in-one eCommerce solution that's easy and fast to use, then Shopify templates are your savior. But if you have the time and budget to spare, custom web development is the better option to make your brand stand out. Whichever route you decide to take, Mesmeric can help. We are a custom website development company that also works on Shopify template designs. Using the latest technologies, we will ensure your online shop is up and running quickly and efficiently—just like clockwork! Contact us today so we can discuss our offers with you!

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