Want A Cool Business Website? Get Professional Web Development Services

November 3, 2022
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November 3, 2022


Want A Cool Business Website? Get Professional Web Development Services

You're browsing the internet to check if there are businesses like yours. Among the websites you visited with the same offerings, several took your breath away. Now you want one, too, and put all your products and services online and have webpages as good-looking as the ones you've found. 

However, you're in the dark about how these breathtaking websites are designed. Let Mesmeric show you the process these websites go through. These web design and creation steps will get you from being a corner ornament to sitting at the cool table rubbing elbows with those e-commerce website owners.

Great User Experience (UX): What Makes a Cool Ecommerce Site

So what made these websites look cool?

It's indescribable. Browsing these web pages makes you feel like you want to spend a couple of hours sitting on a patio bench with warm tea in a cup and feet up on a table. Then you scroll through the website as if turning the pages of a crisp luxury catalog magazine.

What you just felt is called a great user experience. Let's break down what makes a cool website worth a longer, closer look.

The Home Page Feels Like Home

A well-designed website home page would make people want to stay around. So you must include all the elements your visitors need. In addition, they should know what your brand is about at a glance. 

You can also showcase what other website visitors like about your site and products or services through reviews and testimonials. Finally, you can put elements that keep them scrolling down to the last section.

Of course, the right home page's look and feel depends on the kind of e-commerce site you do and the kind of client you want to attract. What is certain is that for users to have a great time on your homepage, a good web design team is needed.

It Looks Clean

Clean web pages win every time. They help focus your attention on important objects. That's what makes a great experience. 

A clean website design brings the best UX. It's not cluttered with unnecessary page objects that distract users and bring design noise that irritates eyeballs. Instead, the viewer feels like everything has a purpose.

One good thing about a clean-looking web design is it's timeless. They're like those solid-colored tees with versatile styles. So always aim for a clean website.

You Know Where to Go

Everything click-worthy on the web page is easy to follow and makes page navigation smooth. The website knows what you're looking for and what your needs are. Web design elements guide you like a signpost and help save you time.

Seamless page navigation is another factor that makes an ecommerce web design cool. So if you want a competitive edge among other business websites, have a good web design team and create an ecommerce store that helps your customers navigate to their needs as smoothly as possible. 

Not only will you achieve your business goals, but you'll also improve web page traffic for those rarely visited website pages.

The Images Are Eye-Catching

Whether it's a home page, a category website page, or a product page, the images will be eye-catching if they are real. They are genuine and tell a story that evokes emotions.

For e-commerce sites, product pages are prevalent and run in hundreds. What makes it eye-catching are the lifestyle photos incorporated into the product's image gallery. Real models use the products, and the pictures are composed well. 

The clean and focused layout also emphasizes these images, making you want to look at them more.

The Content Is Compelling

Sometimes, websites make an excellent first impression and engage the target audience with content. Whether it's short or long, it influences you on an emotional level. Perhaps it's that website home page copy or that video content. 

No matter what it is, it makes you feel like buying a product or doing something about the information. To achieve this, you'll need an excellent UX designer to give insights on website content organization that maximizes your target audience's experience with the brand and the website.

Additionally, website copywriting services can help beef up the words you put into your web design too. So be sure to have someone do it for you.

It's Alive!

Some websites feel like the page is moving and breathing as you experience them. That means their web design team did an awesome job with the animation. They create images that move, which amplifies the storytelling aspect many times.

When used well, animation can be a great way to lead your target audience to something. For example, some websites want users to reach the bottom of the home page. The web design team creates an animation that flows downward. Then, the owner hires website copywriting services to create a story that follows the animation.

This web design strategy reels your target audiences and keeps them scrolling down to the end, leaving them hungry for more of what the website can offer.

Smooth (And Short) Flow of Web Pages

Some websites feel like every webpage stack makes sense and complements each other. This is prevalent with e-commerce sites that sell hundreds of products. More or less, you already expect what the next page will look like and what it offers so going from page to page is easier.

Other e-commerce web designs reduce the page count to take things to the next level. This helps save time when going from the home page to the payment page. Seamless page flow is possible with good web design.

Web Design Services: How a Cool Ecommerce Site Is Created

All the things mentioned above that brought you and other users a great experience are possible because of professional website design services. It's a team of web designers and developers working together to bring visitors the best experience, from creating an awesome first impression to increasing your conversion rate. 

Web development agencies such as Mesmeric make all important web pages in a short time. In 3 to 6 months span, you'll have a cool website design of your own. Here's how they work in a nutshell:

Empathize (2 - 4 weeks)

During this stage, the web design services team will research your soon-to-be ecommerce website's visitors to find out what their personas are and how they think and feel.

Define User Experience (1 - 2 weeks)

Once the web design services team has in-depth knowledge of your potential target audiences, they'll work on defining what makes a great experience for your ecommerce store visitors. They'll highlight innovation opportunities and discover what makes a poor UX.

Ideate Web Design (1 - 2 weeks)

This is where your website's design services team addresses unmet needs. In addition, they ideate solutions that are aligned with your custom website design and business goals. All of it while keeping in mind customer satisfaction, traffic, and the website's competitive edge. All this must drive conversions.

Prototype Design and Development (1 - 2 weeks)

This takes off from the ideation phase of user experience web design services and passes onto web developer services. First, web designers develop a custom website user interface based on user experience research. Then, they hand it over to web developers so they can start coding the prototype.

Test for User Experience (2 - 4 weeks)

Testing is the last stage in web design and development service. This is the phase where the website goes live with real customers. It allows UX designers and developers to measure the user experience design and the website's performance relative to the goal.

Professional Web Development Services: Your Ticket to a Cool Website

The beautiful and cool e-commerce websites you see are possible for your business, too. All it takes is to get a great team of web designers and developers that make a user-friendly and responsive design.Mesmeric is a full-service web design agency that can deliver a custom website that is right for your business. They'll make great UX designs from first impression to sale. So if you're ready to take your spot at that table where the cool website owners belong, then go ahead and learn more about our service.

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