Savings vs. Value: Why Hiring an Ecommerce Web Developer Is the Better Option

November 25, 2022
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November 25, 2022


Savings vs. Value: Why Hiring an Ecommerce Web Developer Is the Better Option

Any business owner faced with a financially-impacting decision often asks this question: can I do it myself, or should I hire someone to do it for me?

Money is always at play in business decisions, especially when creating or designing an ecommerce website. It costs money to get the skills needed to make one. Alternatively, you can also invest your time, knowledge, and skills if you want to save up.

But whether to DIY or hire a pro involves more than saving money. It is about which one is beneficial for your business and its customers. Let Mesmeric lay down your options with a better view.

Why Should I Opt for a DIY Ecommerce Web Development?

When you design and develop your website, whether by manual coding or through a website creator, you get to know every inch of it. Thus, you know how to redesign, expand, or even fix it. Apart from that, you enjoy these benefits when you decide to design your own ecommerce website.

Put Your Skills to the Test

If you have experience and skill, ecommerce website development should be relatively easy to do. Designing and developing your custom website is a fulfilling experience. You decide how your website appears and works. It's also a way to train your designer eye and helps you get used to finding the errors and fixing the coding bugs, thereby improving your coding skills, too.

On the other hand, if you have little to no knowledge or skill in ecommerce web design and development, there are tools available for you to use. For example, content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Wix can give ecommerce sellers the tools for custom web design. CMS tools provide ready-made components that anyone can put together to build their webpage.

Design and Develop at Your Own Pace

As a business owner, you do plenty of things. Some take priority over others. So you may be unable to block the hours needed to create your website. But if you're playing the part of an ecommerce web developer and a businessperson, you can put on the developer hat anytime and control the pace of the website development.

Design inspiration can also be an issue. Sometimes, you can hit a brick wall and draw blanks on a website design concept. But if it's only you working on the website project for your ecommerce business, you can slow down or stop until a design idea hits you.

It Will Not Cost You Anything

Cost is perhaps the main reason you want to develop your ecommerce website. The lack of knowledge about web developer and UI/UX designer rates and the value they bring to your website keeps you from hiring one. 

You think those costs are unnecessary if you know you can do it yourself. So if you have the skills and knowledge, or if your hosting server offers a website creator bundle, then put it to good use to save money.

Why Should I Not Opt for a DIY Web Development?

It is an attractive option to create a web design and develop it. But there are some challenges when taking on this task.


For a non-website developer creating a website can take time. If you don't already know the programming languages, it will take a while before you can write lines of code to piece things together.

You'll have to learn several coding languages well to build a website. For example, on the front-end, you'll have to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript, while on the back-end, you may have to learn SQL, Python, and Java. Only when you're adept with these languages can you create a functional ecommerce website.

You Will Do Troubleshooting

When a part of your website isn't functioning well, troubleshooting it wouldn't be easy. That's because there could be a lot of things happening underneath.

If the problem is with the code you wrote, you'll have to manually go through each line to find out where it went wrong. This can test your patience and your attention to detail.

Longer Downtimes

As a result of being unable to find and fix errors, your ecommerce website will suffer longer downtimes. This can hugely impact your ecommerce business.

A long website downtime affects your business in different ways. User experience will drop because they can't access your website when they need to. Conversions will halt because visitors can't get in to buy your products. These are the two most obvious effects of an inaccessible website.

Hiring a Custom Ecommerce Development Company Is Your Best Path

Now that you have a good idea of the pros and cons of a DIY custom ecommerce development. Let's explore another option: hiring an ecommerce development service.

In this case, you let an ecommerce web development team take over the web creation. Or, in another case, a design improvement for an existing website. Here are the benefits you can expect.

Saves You Time and Effort

Letting an ecommerce development team do the website creation and design frees up your time and effort. You don't need to spend hours and hours on the screen racking your brain, writing codes, and testing them.

By getting an ecommerce development service, you can spend those hours growing your business while your website is under construction.

Custom Website Development Is Done Professionally

Your prospective customers can tell if a website is done by a professional because it will look and feel like one. That's what user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) professionals are for. They work on every webpage design to ensure customers experience your website the way they expect it to.

These design experts, combined with an experienced ecommerce website developer, can give you a website that looks trustworthy and exudes authority.

All-Inclusive Web Development Services

Some ecommerce development companies have an all-inclusive service. For example, if you're starting from scratch, they can give you a domain name and a hosting platform on top of web design services.

Mesmeric is an excellent example of an all-inclusive web development services company. Apart from offering you all the things you need to get a website up, they can also provide ecommerce store development.

If you already have a Shopify business and want to optimize your ecommerce store, they can improve it so you get more conversions.

Ecommerce Website Specialized

An ecommerce development company such as Mesmeric specializes in ecommerce websites. They know how to do WordPress and Shopify development and can provide ecommerce solutions to boost conversions.

For example, if you're not participating in marketplaces such as Amazon or Etsy, a WordPress developer can help you out. This professional can put your business online using a CMS like Woocommerce.

From there, the full-stack WordPress developer can take care of your domain name, hosting, and product pages. In addition, they can set up payment gateways and other essential web apps that make an online store efficient. All that while another web developer can handle website security tasks.

How Custom Ecommerce Web Development Services Work in 3 Phases

We've established the benefits of hiring an ecommerce website development team. But whether you have a website or start from scratch, there can be hesitations in jumping into this decision. That's because you don't know what to expect when you get one.

But the process is easy. It only involves three phases. First, let us tell you how it works.

UX Consulting

Before any website development starts, a UX consultant will work with you. This professional will probe your business. They'll ask about your brand, story, customers, and competitors, among other things.

This consulting also means collaborating with a UX consultant on how you want your website to look. In turn, they can also provide input on what they think is good for your website. Once everything is set, the UX consultant will further research your industry and the market. They can also do user research to understand your customers further.

UI Designing

After the UX consultation and research are done. It's time to translate the ideas into something tangible and functional. A UI design professional will then take over.

They will design the webpage using tools such as Adobe Photoshop to convert the user experience ideas into a functional website for your customers. Then, once you approve the design, they will hand it over to the ecommerce web developer.


When the UI designer submits the webpage design, the front-end developer will get to work by writing codes that turn the design into a webpage that customers can visit.

A back-end developer will then work on the webpages' functionalities to ensure every website feature runs without a hiccup, making the customer's journey seamless from start to finish. This process works whether starting from scratch or redesigning your website for better conversion.

Mesmeric: Your All-In-One Ecommerce Web Developer

Whether an existing or new website, it's always a good decision to get an ecommerce development team by your side.

An all-inclusive web development services team like Mesmeric can take the load off your shoulder for a reasonable price. They'll work efficiently and stick to the timeline because they know how important it is for businesses to have a working website.

With a specialized ecommerce website company like Mesmeric, you'll be secure knowing that they know what you need to get your business up and performing. So go on and check their services here.

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