What Are The Responsibilities of A UI and A UX Designer?

November 22, 2022
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November 22, 2022


What Are The Responsibilities of A UI and A UX Designer?

A website is more than just a combination of images and texts to present your products and brand. Your website should give your future customers a great user journey for them to remember your store, make a purchase, and keep coming back.

So it's best to have a user-centered design. Both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) play a role in providing superb experiences to visitors. Even though the two are often together and a website cannot function without both, they fulfill different roles. 

We'll discuss the details further in this article, so read on to learn more!

What Is User Interface (UI)?

The user interface is everything you see on a website. UI focuses on the color, themes, images, text font and style, and anything the eyes see. To put it simply, UI is responsible for the visuals of the website.

UI designers always consider how users interact with a beautiful website. Their job description includes creating different interfaces like graphical, gesture-based, and voice-user interfaces because they make the site user-friendly. 

UI designers earn slightly higher when promoted, so they hone their skills and study how users interact with their design. The more they know their audience and upgrade their knowledge and skills, the higher their chances to get experience and compensation increase. 

UI Designers' Responsibilities

The main goal of a UI designer is to achieve good UI through superb visual styling. They also decide the best digital interfaces the website will feature to ensure that it appeals to the target audience and as many visitors as possible. 

Below are what UI designers do to ensure your site is appealing to visitors.

Ensuring Superb Visual Aspects of a Website

UI designers are masters of visual communication and graphic design. They introduce your products and make your brand unforgettable through well-planned and executed page layouts, menu styling, font, color, images, and themes. 

They are updated with the latest visual design and well-informed about how your competitors do their sites to ensure they build a site at par with what's trendy.

Researching Audience Demographics and Psychology

Conducting user research is among the first tasks of UI designers. A good UI can only be achieved when a designer puts the client in mind during the design process. Beyond objective data like age, gender, social status, economic capabilities, profession, and location, a designer's communication skills also consider user behavior and psychology. 

These holistic details are their basis for the interactive elements and whether they will use graphical, gesture, or voice-based interfaces. 

Defining the Function of Each Visual Element

The visual elements and graphic design should improve human-computer interaction. Each element should serve as a component that makes user flows cohesive. The UI designer will explain why they have decided to place all the details on your site.

Matching Design With Company Goals

Some websites are complementary to the eCommerce stores you are selling on, but others are also where you sell your products. Whichever you can relate to, both sites need user interfaces that can boost your sales and emanate your branding. 

UI designers should make your product the key element of your website. As they put your products in the spotlight, they should leave a mark on your customers through your brand's story.

Maintaining Simplicity, Consistency, and Predictability

Good UI designers create a site that is easy to use for customers. The end user's interaction with your site will make them remember what they see and give them a pleasurable browsing experience.

UI designers ensure pages have a consistent layout to avoid confusion and create intuitive designs that immediately present products, especially best-selling ones. They make search buttons accessible so customers find what they need quickly.

What is User Experience (UX)?

Although UI and UX designers have separate tasks, they work closely together. The UX designer ensures that the UI design does its job to make a website work. The UI designer communicates his vision of the website, and it is the UX designer's job to share wisdom on whether the design is wise enough to be brought to life on a site. 

If the service design suggestion is attainable, the UX designer will utilize the tools they use, their skills, and knowledge to bring a visually pleasing website design to life. 

It is also the UX designers' goal to create a user-friendly website. UX researchers always check the latest UX design and stay up-to-date with the client's knowledge. Since their work is more technical, they should know how to navigate certain tools like Sketch, OmniGraffle, Axure, InVision, UXPin, and more. 

UX Designers' Responsibilities

The difference between UX and UI design is that while UI elements for UI designers are mainly for aesthetics, the key skill of a UX designer is to also see these details in the website as contributors to usability. The tasks below are done to ensure that the end user's interaction with the website is as smooth as possible.

Knowing and Understanding the Target Audience

Like what a UI designer does, part of the UX designer's design process is to conduct user research. They check out the background of their target users so they can tailor-fit their design to the demographics. 

To achieve a deeper understanding, they create personas for their target audience. They put themselves in the site visitors' shoes to determine what they will feel and experience in the website's layout, color, theme, and navigation. This stage focuses less on technical skills and more on empathy and understanding. 

Providing Value for Site Visitors

UX research is important because you can provide exactly what your visitors need and are looking for. The user journey becomes more meaningful when you provide content with value.

For instance, you should provide a seamless journey for individuals whose goal in visiting your site is to shop. Make it easy for them to get to the product page and check out their orders easily. There are site visitors who are researching before they purchase. In this case, your site should include informative content too. 

Ensuring User-Friendliness

User-friendliness in the eyes of a UI designer means a visually-pleasing layout with colors, font types, and styles jiving perfectly with one another. Meanwhile, for a UX designer, it means usable design. The menus and categories are placed the way they are, not only because it's good for the eyes but also because the customers can easily see and click them. 

The design hierarchy is how it is, not only because it is beautiful to look at but because the information included in it is arranged to how customers want it to be. On top of the visuals, UX designers ensure user interactions and the user's journey are also delightful.

Creating a Fun and Unforgettable Experience

You can increase customer satisfaction with your website when your visual design isn't only beautiful but also provides a fun new experience to visitors. Your partner UI and UX designer will help you think out of the box in adding a fresh touch to your site. 

So, welcome games, surveys, infographics, images, and videos to your site. Check your user research on which media appeals to your target audience best.

Testing the Prototype

You also need to create user personas during the testing of the prototype. UI designers' work does not end after finishing the site as they still need to do usability testing and checking of the user journey. 

Either they do the persona themselves or find a third party to test the website so that they can get user feedback. User journeys during this stage are used to further improve the site before officially introducing it to the world. 

Mesmeric's UI/UX Design Services

Both UX and UI designers play important roles in designing websites, apps, and digital products. They are responsible for ensuring that each element on a page or screen contributes to the overall goal of the site or product and that your site provides a positive user journey. 

To create a well-rounded design, a great UI/UX designer will consider all aspects of the customer website experience, from visual elements to psychological factors. If you're looking for help with your project, you can work closely with Mesmeric's UI/UX designers. We offer superb UI/UX design services tailored to your specific needs. So reach out today to get started!

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