7 Common Website Woes Addressed by Small Business Website Design Services

November 17, 2022
small business website design services
November 17, 2022


7 Common Website Woes Addressed by Small Business Website Design Services

New business owners like you surely want your website to be fully functional. This is especially true for eCommerce websites, where you post your products, flex your branding, and keep your audience updated on your latest offers. A well-functioning and visually appealing site will ensure a steady flow of visitors and income.

However, your site will experience challenges and glitches every now and then. If you have experienced one or want to know how to avoid them proactively, keep reading! We'll discuss 7 common website woes every business experiences. We'll also include what a full service web design and management for small business can do to solve your problems. Let's begin!

1. Outdated and Unappealing Small Businesses Web Design

An old site may have the latest layout, design, and font on the year it was launched, but because of the fast-changing trend on the internet, what was great at that time may be outdated in just a few years. 

Outdated websites bring a domino effect of problems to your business. Remember that your website serves as your company's face. It is the first thing your customers will see. If they are not pleased or even turned off by the home page because of the layout and dire images, they will not explore your site. The bounceback rate will be higher. 

Assistance: Maintaining and Designing Websites

A professional website management company will keep your old or new website updated. Their website development team is bound with you for website maintenance. They will ensure that your site has the latest theme and layout, giving visitors a positive impression of your brand and products. 

If you want a total website makeover to give way to custom websites, they can also handle fully customized web design.

2. Pixelated and Poorly Edited Images

Small images are no longer trendy as more websites switch to large images and videos for their homepage and landing pages. Of course, product images are the number one priority if you provide eCommerce services and products.

However, some business owners opt for stock images, which other websites might already have overused. Others go for DIY photography and editing but end up with low-quality images.

When low-quality images are used for a website, especially for product pages and landing pages, customers will not clearly see the items they want to buy. Meanwhile, poorly executed graphic design can make your brand and products look cheap and unreliable.

Assistance: Photography and Graphic Design Digital Solutions

Web design companies have professional photographers and graphic designers. They will capture and edit great photos and ensure you comply with the guidelines of an online marketplace like Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, or eBay. 

When your images are approved by the site and customers can see what they are buying clearly and in detail, they will be more likely to purchase.

3. Navigation / Lack of Direction

A poorly designed website makes it difficult for new customers to find exactly what they need. You may have captured the attention of your visitors through an appealing web design, but when the navigation journey you provide doesn't have a direction, they can still abandon your site.

Remember that the end of all client journeys on your site should be clicking the buy button and checking out for a successful purchase. But before they reach this part, they first need to go through menus, categories, or the search button. Cluttered menus and categories can cause potential customers to end up confused and not get to the page they want.

Assistance: Superb UI/UX Assurance

A developer and web designer for small business consider User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) in every website. 

Aside from the visuals, they also plan the user journey and experience the moment clients land on your page, as they reach your product page, and when they finally check out and buy your products. They will organize menus, categories, and subcategories and make search bars available for better UI/UX.

4. Has Safety and Security Issues

Safety and security are among the primary concerns of buyers. In their shopping journey, they need to complete forms where they'll put their name, address, contact details, bank details, and other essential and confidential information. Your customers must assure them that your site is safe before they even engage in a transaction.

On your end, if you do not prioritize your site security, you may end up waking up one day with trouble accessing your site because it is hacked. Hackers may also alter your product pages with images and descriptions you did not put to confuse your customers and drive them away from your site.

Assistance: Consistent Site Security Checks

Having a website hacked is a major incident as it affects you and may also affect your customers. You can relax and know your site is protected with the help of a digital agency. 

Some of the actions they'll do are install a Secure Socket Layer/SSL, choose a reliable host, use software for anti-malware, add-on and plug-in management, and create passwords that are difficult to know and are confidential. Ensuring a site backup and manual acceptance of comments also help. Regular site checks ensure that your security is always up-to-date.

5. Unoptimized for the Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constant in the world wide web. The web is ruled by algorithms that crawl into different pages to check keywords used by the sites. A fantastic website is no exception to the site it crawls, and a page will have no chance of ranking and appearing on search results if it is unoptimized.

Another characteristic of SEO is that it is forever changing. Your site might be optimized today, but it can lose its ranking later if the keywords are not updated regularly. Another issue is keyword insertion. Some sites push some keywords without regard to great and quality copies.

Assistance: SEO Services

Web design companies also have a professional SEO team for keyword research and strategizing. Competitive keyword analysis helps to see competitors' keywords and check out the gaps you can use to have an edge. 

A website design company also conducts keyword performance analysis to see which keywords are doing well and are worth investing in and which are not performing and need reoptimization.

6. Out of Date Content

While some sites are low maintenance, websites with products and blogs should have updated content. 

If the product images and descriptions are stagnant, there is a risk that they will not remain relevant to customers, especially concerning SEO. Meanwhile, blog posting should be consistent, and topics should be relatable to your target audience. 

Customers will feel your site is poorly managed if these two areas aren't updated. They won't have trust in you, and they will jump into purchasing from websites that give them a fresh and well-managed vibe.

Assistance: Content Management System

A web design digital agency can also handle content creation! The content team will work with the SEO, web developer, and design experts to keep site content fresh and ensure important aspects of your blogs and product pages are managed properly. 

Copywriters will update product titles and descriptions based on the latest data and keywords acquired by the SEO team. Conversely, bloggers will come up with topics relevant to your brand and the audience. These contents are optimized, too. 

7. Slow Loading Time

A major turnoff for website visitors is slow loading time. Visitors are already discouraged from continuing to browse when your website loads for three seconds. One of the culprits of the loading time is a grand website with images and videos that have large sizes. The output may be visually pleasing, but the site is slow loading. 

Another cause is the website incompatibility with desktop or mobile phones. Initially, web designers and developers will build the website on their desktops so that all orientation will be for computers. Even after optimizing the design for mobile phones, there will still be glitches. 

Assistance: Business Website Usability

The small business website design team you are partnered with will not launch your website half-baked. They will ensure that it loads in less than two seconds, and no matter which medium a visitor uses, computer or mobile phone, it loads just as well. 

Aside from the loading time, they will also ensure that whatever the features, layout, and themes a computer user sees will be the same features a mobile user will see. As a result, the visitor experience is uplifted. They are more encouraged to browse and, eventually, land on a page where they are enticed to buy.

Mesmeric: Small Business Website Design Services For All Your Needs

No business wants website woes, but it's more common than you might think. That's where the best web design services company comes in. They can help you address all of these issues and more to create a website that is not only appealing to customers but also safe, optimized for search engines, and updated with fresh content regularly. If you're looking for assistance in this area, look no further than Mesmeric. We are expert web designers and developers with a proven track record in web design. We can help you ensure your website is always on track. We will take care of your website development, products, and brand. After doing so, you can rely on us for consistent support and site maintenance.

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