Online Leader: 7 Tips for Website Design for Small Business

November 1, 2022
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November 1, 2022


Online Leader: 7 Tips for Website Design for Small Business

An effective website design is essential to all ecommerce businesses. A strong website in today's competitive online world will help small businesses attract their target audience and increase their revenue. However, an excellent website is not only focused on aesthetically pleasing graphic design and vibrant color themes.

A good website should be functional and provide visitors with relevant content, products, or services. Whether you are planning to create your website or hire a full-service digital agency to do it for you, here are several tips you should consider to help you design an elaborate, engaging, and functional business website.

Best Practices for Website Design for Small Businesses

Making your company website effective and interesting for your customers is more difficult than simply creating it. Different factors can contribute to a successful website, and there are also different ways you can get it wrong. With that, here are fool-proof tips to help you.

Less Is More

Lavish designs are the first thing that springs to mind when building a website. But other customers can find it overwhelming if there are too many colors and graphic patterns. So experts recommend keeping your design clean and minimalist. Simplicity in design can still be eye-catching.

Moreover, a simple design helps your user understand how to navigate your website better and faster. The easier it is to understand, the more positive impression you will get from your potential customers.

Don't Leave Blank Spaces on Your Website

While we recommend a minimalist approach to your website, optimizing the spaces on your webpage is necessary. You don't need a big chunk of space floating on your webpage. An empty website will look questionable to your customers.

As much as possible, put forward all the information that new customers will want to see, so you leave no empty spaces in your web design. These components might help you optimize the areas on your website.

  • Information that contains your business offers.
  • Testimonials from customers that tried your products.
  • Contact, shipping, and business information.
  • Call to action banners to entice customers to buy from you.

Be Consistent With Your Branding

Your ecommerce website is an extension of your business's branding, so you should show brand consistency throughout your website. Consistent branding means using the same font, logo, and color themes from your website and all other aspects of your business, whether online or offline.

For example, if you have a business logo, include them on your website. When you ship your products to your customers, your packaging should also include the same logo so customers will recognize and easily remember you.

Optimize for High Search Engine Results

When looking for goods and services online, people use search engines. So if you want to expand your business and audience, you should optimize your website for search engines like Google to ensure your business ranks higher in engine results.

  • Take note of important SEO practices. One great example is using specific keywords throughout your website. Use them in your product descriptions, blogs, and text. Research relevant keywords so search engines can direct traffic to your business.
  • Remember to optimize your photos. For example, it's a common mistake for people to name their uploaded images irrelevant words, but title tags and alt tags also affect your SEO rankings.
  • Use relevant keywords in your image titles. Additionally, don't hide images in mountains of text. Try to position them as high up as you can, especially on your blogs. Images are more suited when placed before the blog titles.

Create a Website Design That Reflects Your Business

Imagine you come across a business that sells skincare essentials, and its web design is dark and dull. Isn't the design of the website the complete opposite of what they offer? It is supposed to be relaxing, to feel renewed. 

Be mindful of the design you will be choosing. It should give your visitors a general understanding of your business.

Here are some tips to help create website elements that reflect your branding.


Choosing a color is an essential part of web design. People associate business with their colors. For example, big fast-food chains like Mcdonald's are easily associated with red and yellow colors. So choosing a color will help you build your brand identity. Make sure to understand the meaning behind colors before choosing one.

For example, if you are selling jewelry, the colors black and gold are best because they symbolize luxury. On the other hand, if you're selling protein powders, vitamins, and plant-based food and drink, the color green would look great on your branding.


Content creation is essential in running a website, so of course, the content you do should be relevant to your business. 

One of the most popular types of content is blog posting. Consider your audience when writing articles if you want to produce high-quality content. Brainstorm for the content that your readers will likely read.

Make Sure That Your Website Loads Quickly

People hate waiting, whether in line or waiting for a website to load. So invest in web hosting services to ensure your website is always up and prevents it from crashing. 

For small business owners, shared hosting is the best choice for practicality. But if you have the budget, other forms of web hosting will ensure your website load time is always speedy.

Consider Mobile Users

An efficient business web design is mobile-friendly. Keep in mind that more than 50% of your clients will be utilizing their mobile phones to browse your website. So ensure that the website for your small business has a responsive design. 

This design allows users to access and view your website from different devices without issues and difficulties. Search engines are most likely to direct traffic to your website when you have a responsive design. Therefore, a mobile-friendly design increases your website's functionality and gives you a better SEO ranking.

Understand Your Users

People follow a certain pattern when visiting a business website. If it's the first time they encounter your website, they may use their digital experiences to learn how to navigate yours. Before finalizing your web design, familiarize yourself with how users scroll through web pages.

For example, some users like to see the information and the business overview first rather than going first to the products. Some would like to see testimonials and reviews before checking out a product. No matter what your visitor wants, ensure they can easily access any page of your website.

3 Common Mistakes for Small Business Website Design

Our tips aren't complete with the things you need to avoid. Many businesses online are excited to offer their products to more customers, and they overdo designing their websites. Here are some mistakes to avoid when creating custom websites for small businesses.

Thinking You Can Target Everybody

Of course, when you bring your business to the online marketplace, you want as many people as possible to purchase from you, so you will try different strategies to lure them in. But remember, when creating business goals, you have a target audience. 

So, instead of designing your website to attract different kinds of people, focus on your desired audience. It is simpler to create a website with a certain audience in mind than to try to appeal to everyone. If you cram too many components into your website, it could come out as unwelcoming. 

Never Updating Content

People look for fresh content now and then. New content tells your users what to do next, whether buying products or subscribing to your page. It also updates them if you're launching a new line or discontinuing products. 

Posting content regularly tells your viewers you are an active business, and it's a green light for them to trust your brand and purchase from you.

Cheap Web Design

There is a thin line between cheap and budget web design. Even though you want to save money for web designing, look for the best web design companies for small businesses that give value for your money. 

You can always find flexible plans for web design, especially for small businesses. Don't compromise quality for low prices.

Final Thoughts

A website is a great way to propel your business on the digital market. However, creating a business website requires time, planning, researching, and testing, even for small businesses. We hope these tips for website design for small businesses help you with your website development.
Additionally, if you're looking for a professional development team to help build your ecommerce website from scratch, Mesmeric offers your web design, content management, web hosting, and UI/UX audits to jumpstart your business. Check out our web design packages and work with us today.

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